Chronic Illness Infographics

These infographics were created for use on instagram to raise awareness and educate about invisible illnesses and disabilities. Each graphic focuses on a specific theme, including body positivity, the cost of becoming ill, and why to share posts like these in the first place.

When Stairs Become Mountains

Body Positivity

Finding self worth in the body positivity movement while chronically ill and/or disabled can be a challenge. This serves as a reminder that bodies are worthy of love and respect, even when they can’t perform in the ways we may want them to.

Reasons to Share

Sharing the Disabled Experience Online

By sharing our experiences we are supporting (and growing) our community, educating our abled followers, and giving insight to carers, loved ones, and even future doctors. Our firsthand experiences will always be the best resources for others.

The Cost of Being Sick

What We Lose When We Gain Diagnoses

When you face chronic illness you lose so much more than you’d think. You lose time, spent at doctors, testing, resting, trying to heal. You grieve the future that you thought you saw, the past that you had. You learn to ration your energy, some days forced to spend all you have on taking a single shower, instead of finishing the chore list that’s been piling up for weeks.

Not Getting Well Soon

Fighting Ableism With My Reality

Ableism comes in many forms, including toxic positivity. The term “get well soon” does not apply to our chronic realities, your yoga classes and diet changes will not cure us, and we will not pretend it isn’t there, for your sake. Being sick and/or disabled is not a choice– if it were, we would’ve ‘gotten well’ sooner.

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