Heart of Campus 
Assets for a Month-Long Campaign
This campaign was created to bring awareness to the services offered by the University of Central Florida and its Student Union and promote spontaneous acts of kindness across the campus. To achieve this, I lead the team's graphic design, videography, and social media elements. 
The following graphics were created by me personally.
T-Shirts, T-Shirts, Oh My!
Through much trial and error, the UCFSU marketing team has learned one truth: the Knights LOVE t-shirts! One of the best ways to get followers excited about a campaign is to introduce giveaways, particularly with the use of apparel and products that are unique and limited addition.  
Social Media
The best way to reach students directly? Utilizing a social media campaign! The @UCFSU following allows the Student Union marketing team to reach out to, interact with, and learn about the students in a real and simple way. The strength of this campaign sat not in the physical events, but the sharing of stories, photos, and true love during this month.
Wrapping Up
As the campaign came to a close, we were able to look back on the impact that took place over the past month. Not only did we gain a substantial amount of followers, but we achieved our true goal: spreading love and bringing the real, deep lives of our fellow Knights into the light.
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