InVision App Illustration

As one of 12 artists asked to partner with InVision App, I created a design based around and breaking through their blog’s- Inside Design- logo. Below is the process of sketching, the final design, as well as the animated graphic created for the project- this animation was not executed by myself, but a member of their team. 


Though the brief was short and creative freedom was a major factor in this design process, I was asked to create a design based upon specific values and areas of design including “Team Collaboration”, “Design Inspiration”, and “Freelancing”. I began with 2 sketchbook pages filled with quick thumbnails, then decided upon 6 designs. The final design was chosen and I was able to begin finalizing it.

Initial Design

A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or Sticking fairly closely to the sketch, I began to digitalize and finalize the image. When sent to the creative director- the leader of the project and direct communication to the designers- they asked for one simple change. In my opinion, it pushed the design to a clearer and more open piece.

Final Design

To declutter the design and add clarity to the image, I removed the extra hand from the bottom left of the design, as well as the decorative element that sat between the two hands. This was the final version that was sent to InVision App’s team.

This partnership gave me important insight into how to work a freelance job, as well has how to interact professionally with a company- or company’s representative- rather than an individual client.