KOTM Assets
T-shirt and Badge Design
In order to unify the Knights on the Mall products, I worked closely with the KOTM team and within their branding guidelines. These assets merge the well-known UCF branding, the KOTM’s spirit, and the excitement of all tailgating Knights alike.
Like A Champ
As UCF Knights, we are extremely proud of our sports teams and all of their achievements. Though the world may not have seen us as such, we know in our hearts that we are and have been national champions! What better way to share that excitement than tailgating with your heart on your sleeve, and Knightro on your back.
The Knights on the Mall team can tend to get a little lost in the tailgating crowd. These badges allow for quick and easy recognition of team members, as well as a reminder of who's in charge. The colours stand out against whatever shirt a team member may be wearing for the day.

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