Pictures With Santa
Print/Web Campaign
A print and web based campaign for the University of Central Florida’s Student Union event, Pictures With Santa. The assets I created include a digital flyer to be posted on the SU’s instagram story, as well as physical flyers to be handed out on the day of the event.
Fun and convenient
For those who aren't familiar with the UCFSU tradition, understanding where your photos go or how to find them can be next to impossible. With such a busy day there isn't always a Marketing Team member available to explain the process. These flyers allowed us to quickly bring info to our students and make the picture taking process infinitely smoother!
With the amount of new students around campus every semester, it's great to inform them of the traditions the UCFSU has- and remind some of our older students, too. This social media campaign allowed people to plan for the event, be it funky sweaters, bringing their children, or dragging friends along for a hilarious group photo.
A Magical Day
Pictures With Santa is always a fun and exciting day! Siblings, significant others, and even dogs come to have their photo taken with the famous UCFSU Santa. Being able to bring whimsy to the UCF Students in a simple and efficient way made this Christmas event a little more special and, in turn, a little more magical.

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