Print Lab Signage
Signage and Branding for the Student Union Print Lab
In a busy space with so much interaction, it became important to the Student Union Print Lab to have unified signs with clear messages. To accomplish this, I created a new brand and design system for a myriad of assets including wait cards, printer identifiers, and instructional signage. 
The new system allows for students, new to the lab or not, to properly and efficiently navigate the room and print their work.
As a free and incredibly convenient resource, the UCFSU Print Lab tends to be filled with students working on a wide variety of projects. It can be tough to understand just where a team member is leading you, or what they mean when they tell you to use "Printer 2". These signs and cohesive branding elements remove the confusion and make the process much smoother for everyone.
Reminding students of the important stuff is an important thing. Having to say something to every single individual that utilizes the print lab is extremely time consuming and difficult. These reminder cards allow team members to remind students of the important stuff while working on the other side of the room.
Thanks to this unified branding system and consistent signage, students are able to navigate the print lab with little to no help. Surrounding posters, wait cards, and reminder cards give students the freedom to work independently and wisely. Student growth and success is our priority, so why not design for it?
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