Seven Devils Hotel & Suite
Brand/Asset Creation
This campaign encompasses the creation of a fictional brand- the Seven Devils Hotel & Suite. Designs include a logo and letterhead, magazine advertisement, brochure, website design, and products. These assets bring the Seven Devils to life as a mysterious and luxurious hotel, tucked away in the Northwest.
*X-Files Theme Plays*
How do we create an entire identity for something that doesn't exist? Can we see the building in our minds? Can we imagine how people would walk through it, experience it? This was just one of many challenges presented with creating the assets for the Seven Devils Hotel & Suite, but something a designer must master- creating from nothing.
Presenting the Seven Devils became an interesting task when combining the mysterious, almost ominous, aesthetic with that of real, clean, and professional hotel. Minimal design paired with strange, witty, copy, and intriguing content became the focus of the Seven Devils' branding. 
The Seven Devils became less about the physical hotel and more about the strange experience. Under the guise of a luxury stay, this hotel would brag about its endless luxuries and incredible amenities. You may not realize exactly what you're in for, but you know it'll be a stay to remember.
Providing guests a physical place to account for their odd visit gave the Seven Devils Hotel & Suite a more personal connection to its visitors. Names, phone numbers, and credit card accounts mean nothing compared to a pencil-to-paper, real life experience had in the hotel. Hopefully, it paints the Seven Devils in the right light.

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