Student Union Signage
Directional and Informational Signage 
Printed signs for use outside and around the University of Central Florida's Student Union. Each design follows the UCF/Student Union branding- including use of Gotham, the UCF Gold and Black, and appropriate logos.

This banner was created to hang in the Student Union to alert students of their growing buildings. This banner is designed to hang near construction sites/blocked areas to explain the transformation.
In the midst of construction, the Student Union has to deal with a lot of areas being blocked off or rerouted. These signs direct students to the correct area for new and existing restrooms.
Thanks to the Wellness & Health Promotion Services as well as the Arboretum, students were welcomed into the Student Union to taste tea created from flowers and herbs grown directly on the UCF campus! This poster was designed to get the word out and advertise the event.
Shop, Shop, Shop!
Market Day is a weekly staple at the University of Central Florida's Student Union. This event allows multiple vendors to share their goods outside the building. These signs alert students that the event is happening, as well as provide an "entrance and exit" to an otherwise ambiguous area. 
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